Beauty and the Beast

"...features a surreal performance by Peyton Royal as a carpet capable of seemingly physically impossible feats."
- Sally Applegate, The Daily News
"...and especially Peyton Royal as an eye-popping, animately high-leaping and grandly somersaulting carpet."
- Norm Gross, PMP Network
"...not to be outdone by [the carpet] who wows the audience with his acrobatics."
- Yadira Betances, The Eagle-Tribune
"...and the audience howled at the rug."
- Rachel Rome, Planet North Shore
"...and a cart-wheeling [carpet] who might be comfortable performing for Cirque de Soleil."
- Mark Arnold, The Jewish Journal
Pioneer Theatre Company

"Some of the minor characters are adorable as well, especially Peyton Royal as the carpet...that does one-handed cartwheels."
- Susan Whitney, Desert Morning News
Sacramento Music Circus

"...the dishes, the carpet (the acrobatic Peyton Royal) and even the napkins get into the act with the night's most exuberant production number."
- Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee
Theatre Arts Productions

"Choreographer Peyton Royal brings to this production... some real, vigorous, and artful dancing that enlivens the Gaston and Be Our Guest numbers."
- James D. Watts Jr., Tulsa World

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

"This show could not maintain its rapid pace without 'the Proteans' - Venny Carranza, Brant Michaels and Peyton Royal - who play dozens of roles, from giggling eunuchs of the house of Senex, to the warriors who accompany Miles Gloriousus, and everything in between. They are leaping, tumbling, rolling, running bundles of energy, and masters of physical comedy. They're brilliant and hilarious."
- Bev Sykes, Enterprise Dramam Critic
"Nimbly playing numerous supporting characters are the versatile Proteans -- Venny Carranza, Brant Michaels, and Peyton Royal."
- Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee
"And the 'proteans,' three guys who played interchangeable roles without skipping a beat, were delightfully captured by Venny Carranza, Brant Michaels, and Peyton Royal."
- E. Haig, The Sacramento Gazette
"...the acrobatics of the Proteans (Venny Carranza, Brant Michaels, Peyton Royal) were especially impressive."
- Sondra Morishima, Sacramento Stage & Theatre

The Wizard of Oz

"...and an ensemble of three... very talented performers who sing, dance and act like a cast of many more; Debbie Laumond-Blanc, Peyton Royal and Amber Mak, who truly do it all."
- Al Bresloff,
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